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Application of the expiration of the Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period on the MBDS
Posted On: Dec 08, 2015

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December 4, 2015

File: 6.3 Ref. Corres./Cir.


TO:     All U.S. CSO Business Managers

RE:     Application of the expiration of the Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period on the MBDS.

Dear Colleagues,

Be advised, on January 4, 2016, the Non-Permanent Grandfathering period for the Primary and Secondary out-of-work lists will expire in accordance with Articles and 5.2.2 of the Uniform Referral Standards and Joint Referral Rules, and the previous extensions.

Please be advised that on January 4,2016 all Grandfathered Applicants who do not meet the requirements of Article 5.1.1 are ineligible for referral.

Applicants that do not meet the requirements in accordance with Articles 5.1.2 and 5.2.1 of the referral rules will be transferred to the appropriate list to which they are qualified.  Each Local Lodge is responsible for re-ranking all of that Lodge’s lists/pools, to which these former “Primary or Secondary List” Applicants have been transferred.  Each former “Primary or Secondary List” Applicant shall be placed on said list/pool in accordance with the date and time he/she was formerly listed on the “Primary or Secondary List”.

Applicants who are transferred to the Boilermaker “Intern List”, as a result of the expiration of the “Non-Permanent Grandfather” status, must update/renew their availability, just like all “Interns”, in accordance with article

See(Attached) on how the adjustments and re-ranking will take place. (SEE UPDATE PAGE FOR ATTACHMENT)

Applicants on all lists may be affected by the expiration date of the applicants OSHA 10 and 5-year refresher requirement.  If this is the case, the applicant will be ineligible for referral. The applicant must then take the OSHA 10 class, which is available online through the MOST program, after which the applicant shall re-register to the bottom of the appropriate out-of-work list for which the applicant is qualified.  The same will apply for the MOST drug-screening requirement. (See Below)

Other example for adjustments

OSHA 10 or refresher within 5-year expired; -- Transferred to Ineligible List

MOST drug screen expired;----------------------- Transferred to Ineligible List

The MBDS IT Department will make a copy of your Local Lodge Lists, the day before the expiration of the Non-Permanent Grandfather status, as a precaution. These copies will be made available to assist you with any issues or concerns which arise.

This notice will be posted on the MBDS, the IBB and MOST websites and we strongly encourage you to do the same on your local website.  This notice should also be posted along side your referral rules, where you normally post your referral rules, at job sites and any other place where it can reasonably notify all applicants.

If you or your dispatchers have any questions on the re-ranking of applicants or any other concerns on this matter, please contact Kyle Evenson or Ed Jasinski at International Headquarters.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

With best wishes and kindest regards,

          I am fraternally yours

          Kyle M. Evenson,

          Assistant Director of Administrative Affairs

          To the International President

          Executive Director of Construction Sector Operations

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